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Craig Smith

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Biography have one of MY dances printed in Linedancer magazine. Reason.... to help introduce our club to the world. Borderline is an absolutely amazing group of people from all walks of life that, for a few hours a week at least, leave the rest of the world at the entrance of the club and come to have fun and dance. I am really proud to be part of their comeraderie and community. I have been linedancing with my wife since 1998 and we started Borderline in 1999. My first choreography attempt was Nkalakatha which was intended for our national competition in May 2001. Suffice to say I got cold feet and withdrew it at the last, but that sparked an interest that has grown immensely. I tend to do unusual dances to unusual music choices, and am constantly striving to surprise. The music has to speak to me first, then the rest will follow. In the SA champs in Durban I received a first with Bellissimma, danced to Josh Groban and judged by Bill Bader, Grant Gadbois and Vicki Bannister. Other dances I have choreographed are 2S42 to Tu es Foutu by In Grid, Pluckin the Yew to Duelling Banjos, Ketchup K-Os to Las Ketchup, and Cyborg to a song by the same name to a SA artist Mandoza. I hope you will check them out and enjoy them. Regards Craig. Keep on movin'.