Magic Carpet Ride

32 Count 4 Walls Intermediate

Choreographed by: Kathy Hunyadi (US)

Choreographed to: Make Me An Island by Myra

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Last updated: 18th August 2000
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Count Footwork
  Cuban Walks Forward L, R, L, R, Mambo Cross Basic
1,2,3,4 Walk Forward L, R, L, R (for Styling Cross One Foot In Front Of Other With Knees Slightly Bent)
5&6 Quick Rock L Foot Forward & Across R (knees Slightly Bent), Recover Weight To R (straighten Knees), Step L Foot Behind R In 5th Position (toe To Heel)
7&8 Quick Rock R Foot Back & Behind L (5th Position), Recover Weight To L, Step R Foot Forward & Across L
  Jazz Box; Kick Ball Step (wide); Hold & Step Cross
1,2,3,4 Cross L Over R, Step Back On R, Step L Foot To Side, Step R Next To L
5&6 Kick L Foot Forward, Step L Next To R, Take Wide Step Side Right On R
7 Hold
&8 Step L Next To R, Cross R Over L
  Side Together, Cha Cha Side Left; Slow Charleston
1,2 Step L Foot Side Left, Step R Foot Next To L
3&4 Step L Side Left, Step R Next To L, Step L Side Left
5,6 Touch R Toes Forward, Step R Foot Back
7,8 Touch L Toes Back, Step L Foot Next To R
  Left 1/4 Turn; Left 1/2 Turn; Cha Cha Forward; Hold & Step Forward
1,2 Step Forward On R, Turn 1/4 To Left, Step L In Place
3,4 Step Forward On R Foot, Turn 1/2 To Left, Step L In Place
5&6 Cha Cha Forward R, L, R (3rd Position - Heel To Instep)
7 Hold
&8 Quick Step Forward On L, Step Forward Slightly On R
  Begin Again !
Dance Script

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