It's My Life

44 Count 2 Walls Intermediate

Choreographed by: Peter McCreery (IE)

Choreographed to: It's My Life' by Jon Bon Jovi 120 BPM

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Last updated: 9th August 2000
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Count Footwork
  Cross Kicks And Forward Walks
1 Cross Right Foot Over Left
2 Kick Left Foot To Left Side
3 Cross Left Over Right
4 Kick Right Foot To Right Side
5-8 Walk Forward, Right, Left, Right, Left
  1&1/4 Turn With Toe Struts
9-10 1/4 Turn To Right With A Right Toe Strut
11-12 1/2 Turn To Right With A Left Toe Strut
13-14 1/2 Turn To Right With Right Toe Strut
15-16 Left Toe Strut Forward
  Cross Rock, 1/4 Turn Shuffle And Weave
17-18 Rock Step Right Across Left, Rock Back On Left
19&20 1/4 Turn To Right, Step Right To Right Side, Bring Left Together And Step Right To Right Side
21 Cross Left Over Right
22 Step Right To Right Side
23 Step Left Behind Right
24 1/4 Turn To Right Stepping Right Forward
  1/2 Turn, 1/4 Turn Rock And Sailor Shuffles
25-26 Step Left Foot Forward, 1/2 Turn To Right
27 Step Left Foot Forward
28 Rocking Back Onto Right, Turn 1/4 Turn To The Right
29&30 Sailor Shuffle With Left Foot
31-32 Sailor Shuffle With Right Foot
  Kicks With Turns
33 Kick Left Foot Forward
34 Touch Left Toe Behind
35-36 Unwind 1/2 Turn To Left
37 Kick Right Foot Forward
38 Touch Right Toe Behind
39-40 Unwind 1/2 Turn To Right
  Shoulder Rolls
41 Step Left Foot Forward
42 Step Right Foot Beside Left
43 Roll Right Shoulder
44 Roll Left Shoulder
Dance Script

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