32 Count 4 Walls Intermediate

Choreographed by: Debi Bodven (CA)

Choreographed to: Don't Wanna Let You Go by Five

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Last updated: 9th August 2000
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Count Footwork
  Syncopated Kicks Forward (right Then Left), & Right Point Across, Right Sweep Into Hook, Knee Swivel, 1/4 Turn Right W/kick, Cross-back-side W/left Drag
1&2& Right Low Kick Forward (1), Right Step Home (&), Left Low Kick Forward (2), Left Step Home (&)
3,4 Right Point Across Left, Keeping Toe Off Floor (3); Right Sweep In A Clockwise Motion To Hook Foot Behind Left Knee In A Figure 4 (4)
5,6 Swivel Both Knees To Left Diagonal (5); Pivot 3/8 Turn Right (toward 3:00 Wall) Kicking Right Foot Forward (6)
7&8 Right Step Across Left (7), Left Small Step Back (&), Right Large Step Side Right, Dragging Left Foot Toward Right (8)
  Sailor Turn, Right Toe Sweep Turning 1/2 Left, Right Shuffle Forward, Left Rock Forward & Together W/attitude
1&2 Left Step Behind Right (1), Right Small Step Side Right (&), Left Step Forward Into 1/4 Turn Left (2)
3,4 Right Toe Sweep In Counterclockwise Motion, Starting 1/2 Turn Left (3); Right Touch Next To Left Finishing 1/2 Turn Sweep (4)
5&6 Right Step Forward (5), Left Step Forward, Instep To Right Heel (&), Right Step Forward (6)
7&8 Left Rock Forward (7), Recover To Right (&), Left Step Home, Pushing Both Hands Out In Front Of Body With Palms Facing Away From Chest While Locking Knees So Pelvis Pushes Back (8)
  Styling Tip: Think Of Counts 7&8 As A ''jamie Davis Attitude Move.''
  Syncopated Right Side Rock & Sailor Step, Left Sailor Step, Right Rock Forward & Coaster W/right Stomp, Left Stomp
  Note: Stay Primarily On Balls Of Feet During The Next 8 Counts.
1&2& Right Rock Side Right (1), Recover To Left (&), Right Step Behind Left (2), Left Step Side Left (&)
3&4& Right Step Forward (3), Left Step Behind Right (&), Right Step Side Right (4), Left Step Forward (&)
5&6& Right Rock Forward (5), Recover To Left (&), Right Step Back (6), Left Step Next To Right (&)
7,8 Right Stomp Forward (7); Left Stomp Next To Right (8)
  Side Mambo Rocks (right Then Left), Right Step Forward, Pivot 1/4 Turn Left, Hips Right, Left
1&2 Right Rock Side Right (1), Recover To Left (&), Right Step Home (2)
3&4 Left Rock Side Left (3), Recover To Right (&), Left Step Home (4)
5,6 Right Step Forward (5); Pivot 1/4 Left Shifting Weight To Left (6)
7,8 Shift Hips/weight Right (7); Shift Hips/weight Left (8)
  Styling Tip: For Attitude, Move Shoulders With Hips On Counts 7,8.
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