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Barbara Jagusch

Barbara Jagusch

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Linedance instructor & DJ from New York, United States of America. In the 70's did some travelling entertaining troops with the USO. Began Square Dancing back in the early 80's & was class co-ordinator for Orange Squares for 2 years. After losing my partner, I took my first linedance lesson nearly 10 years ago was addicted immediately. Began teaching 8 years ago. Choreographed a handful of dances including "Lonely Long" which was published in the September 1999 issue of Dance Card Magazine here in the USA, most recent addition "Heat, Sweat & ANXIETY" was done for my Dad after his recent illness and as a thank you for the students & fellow instructors who saw us through this tough time. He was my inspiration and they were my strength. Hope to continue dancing in the future.

DAP May 14