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Eva Andersson

Eva Andersson

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Eva is my name and I am single 50+ with my cats, and live in a small town in the very south of Sweden called Ystad. A wonderful town near Copenhagen. Ystad is a typical Summer-town by the sea. In winter cold and quiet but in spring like a flower, ready to bloom. I have quite a lot of hobbies; of course my limited time doesn't allow me to do everything at the same time, but my absolute main interests are my Computer, my Cats, Scrapbooking, my Wax plants and to dance Line Dance. Well, what else do I like? Painting and drawing, Photographing, Various needlework's, Reading, Silent moments to sway away with music, Watch TV, video or go to the movie, Visiting friends and having guests to cook for, To travel if my bank account would agree, Writing e-mails to my friends and of course having a good time with lots of laughter. I simply love life!