Do Ya Wanna Dance

64 Count 4 Walls Intermediate

Choreographed by: Janet Billington & Joy Layer (UK)

Choreographed to: Do Ya Wanna Dance on The Rock 'n' Roll Years by Cliff Richard

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Last updated: 8th September 2000
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Count Footwork
  Hip Bumps, Rocks, Coaster Steps, 1/2 Turn, Shuffle
1&2 Step Forward Right (slightly Diagonal) Going Straight Into Hip Bumps Right, Left, Right
3&4 Repeat Steps 1 & 2 With Left
5-6 Rock Forward Right, Rock Back Left
7&8 Step Right Back, Step Left Next To Right, Step Right Forward
9&10 Step Forward Left (slightly Diagonal) Going Straight Into Hip Bumps Left, Right, Left
11&12 Repeat Steps 9 & 10 With Right
13-14 Rock Forward Left, Rock Back Right
15&16 Left Shuffle While Making 1/2 Turn Over Left Shoulder
  Kicks, Sailor Steps, Mambo, Step Turn, Stomp, Stomp
17-18 Kick Right Forward, Then To Right
19&20 Right Sailor Step
21-22 Kick Left Forward, Then To Left
23&24 Left Sailor Step
25&26 Right Mambo Forward
27&28 Left Mambo Back
29-30 Step Forward Right, Make 1/2 Pivot Turn Left (weight On Left)
31-32 Stomp Right, Stomp Left
  Scuff, Jazz Box, Vaudeville Type Of Step
33-34 Scuff Right, Step Right Over Left
35&36 Step Left Back, Step On Right, Cross Left Over Right
37-38 Step Right To Right, Step Left Behind Right
&39&40 Step Slightly Back On Right, Left Heel Dig Forward, Step On Left, Cross Right Over Left
  Side Behind, Left Shuffle 1/4 Turn, Two 1/2 Pivot Turns
41-42 Step Left To Left, Step Right Behind Left
43&44 Left Shuffle Making 1/4 Turn Left
45-46 Step Forward Right, Make 1/2 Pivot Turn Left (weight On Left)
47-48 Repeat Steps 45-46
  Kicks, Sailor Steps, Two 1/4 Monterey Turns
49-50 Kick Right Forward To Right Side
51&52 Right Sailor Step
53-54 Kick Left Forward To Left Side
55&56 Left Sailor Step
57-60 Monterey With 1/4 Turn Right
61-64 Repeat Steps 57-60
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Setting The Woods On Fire on The Tractors by The Tractors (Search For Music) Apple iTunes

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