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Sharon May

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I'm 41 years old, married with 4 children. Have been linedancing for about 7 years. My previous dance experience - danced from age 3 ballroom. At age7 tried ballet & tap. Age 15 got in to disco, jazz & modern! At 16 won first disco competition & held title for 3 years! First choreographed in 1978 for dance troupe I was in called Pulse. Also, used to sing country in clubs around Bedfordshire, from age 5! Love teaching, choreographing and dancing!! Enjoy travelling and highest on my list is laugh and enjoy and never be scared to try something different!! Have obtained the nick name Mental One from Steve H. has stuck with me and does describe my teachings! Infact Karen Jones has described me as an entertainer! so have quite a few others!! Can't say much else about me except I intend to keep linedancing and having fun until I have my zimmer frame, and even then I'll find a dance to do. Long Live Linedancing!