64 Count 4 Walls Intermediate

Choreographed by: Susan Morgan (UK)

Choreographed to: Breathless by The Corrs 128 BPM

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Last updated: 6th October 2000
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Count Footwork
  Side, Close, Across, Click
1-4 Step right foot out to right side. Bring left foot next to right. Step right foot across left. Click fingers
5-8 Step left foot out to left side. Bring right foot next to left. Step left foot across right. Click fingers
  2 X Paddle Turns, Rock, Recover, Turning Shuffle
9-12 Put right foot forward and do two paddle steps, turning 1/2 turn anti-clockwise
13-16 Rock right over left, recover. Turning 1/2 turn clockwise, step right, left, right
  Rocking Steps
17-20 Step left foot diagonally forward left. Step right foot diagonally backward right. Step left forward diagonally, right back diagonally, left forward diagonally. (The rhythm goes left, right, left-right-left)
21-24 Step right foot diagonally forward right. Step left foot diagonally backward left. Step right forward diagonally, left backwards diagonally, right forward diagonally. (The rhythm goes right, left, right-left-right)
  Cross, Hold, Unwind, Hold, Heel & Cross, Side, Step
25-28 Step left foot across right. Pause for one beat. Unwind 1/2 turn clockwise. Pause for one beat
29-32 Right heel forward, right foot steps in place, left foot crosses over right foot. (The rhythm goes 1 & 2). Step right foot out to the right side. Step left foot in place.
  Cross, Touch, Cross, Touch, Turning Shuffle Backwards
33-36 Step right foot over left foot. Touch left toe out to left side. Step left foot over right foot. Touch right toe out to right side
37-40 Turn quickly 1/2 turn anti clockwise and shuffle backwards as you are turning (step right-left-right). Rock back on left foot and recover
  Turning Shuffle Backwards, Rock & Recover. Syncopated Heel Switches
41-44 Do the same to the other side. Turn quickly 1/2 turn clockwise and shuffle backwards as you are turning (step left-right-left). Rock back on right foot and recover
45-48 Touch right heel forwards. Touch left heel forwards. Touch right heel forwards. Click right hand, then left hand (The counting is heel-and-heel-and-heel-click-click)
  Step Lock, Step, Turn, Chassis Left, Rock & Recover
49-52 Step right foot forwards. Lock left foot behind the right foot. Step right foot forwards. Turn 1/2 turn clockwise and scuff left heel forwards
53-56 Shuffle to the left side, left-right-left. Rock right foot back and recover
  Step, Behind, Step & Cross, Rolling Grapevine Left Turning 1/4 Anticlockwise, Full Turn Shuffle
57-60 Step right foot to right side. Step left foot behind right. Step right foot in place quickly and step left foot across right foot. Step right foot to right side.
61-64 (Rolling grapevine to left side, turning anti-clockwise). Step left foot to left side and turn 1/2 turn. Step right foot to right side and turn 1/2 turn. Shuffle left-right-left going left. You are now a 1/4 turn left from starting position.
Optional Arms (1). Swing arms round body when doing beats 13-16. (2). Wrap arms around body when doing beats 25-28.(3). Swing left arm out to left side when doing beats 33-34.(4). Swing right arm out to right side when doing beats 35-36.(5). Any other general swaying of arms you feel is appropriate.
Dance Script

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