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Craig (Sexy Feet) McConnachie

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I have been dancing seriously for the since 1998. I was talked into linedancing by my wife Karen and her parents who were already keen dancers. I joined their club "Double C Stompers" which has been on the go since 1996. Linedancning to me is all about fun and dedication. Dance choreographed: Burn It Down, I've Lost, Nine Minutes, Blackbird Slide....... and more to come I have been dancing now for around 3 1/2 years at a local club Called Double C Stompers, which is based in Refrewshire, Scotland. I love to play around when Im dancing and tend to have loads of fun, which I think is sometimes missing in linedancing. I teach at our local club, but tend to stick mostly to the funky pop/rock new age country...!!!! any way enough about me........ :-)

Kinghill General