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Alison Biggs

Alison Biggs

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Instructor/Promoter/Events Director Alison Biggs has been teaching line dancing in the Hertfordshire and North London, U.K for the past 6 years and prior to that taught all aspects of fitness classes ranging from aerobics to giving inductions to people recovering from heart disease. Alisons’ interest in line dancing came from a student attending one of her fitness classes, she decided to give it a bash and lo and behold was soon hooked, line and sinker. During the course of the next year or two Alison run both line and fitness classes but found that all her interest was geared towards her line dancing and the fitness classes soon disappeared. Since dancing Alison has been involved in many different avenues, arranging events, raising money for major charities and organizing club displays. Dancing even got her into raising her own music sales company that trades under the name of Free Spirit Music (Sales) Ltd. In 1998, Peter Metelnick well known award winning International Choreographer/Instructor asked Alison if she would like to organize a tour for him in the U.K. Well she felt this was a great honour albeit a big responsibility but she accepted and has now been touring with Peter for nearly 2 years. Her involvement with touring has now taken her to Europe where she has taught in Sweden and also an invitation was extended to teach at one of the biggest events in the USA in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Alison has also been asked by other International choreographer/instructors regarding tours but other commitments to date have made this impossible. However, situations do change and Alison now has the responsibility of arranging tours for Max Perry, Kathy Hunyadi from the USA.

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