Against My Will

32 Count 4 Walls Improver

Choreographed by: Mark Cook (UK)

Choreographed to: Lovin' You Against My Will by Gary Allan

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Last updated: 1st June 2000
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Count Footwork
  Rock 1/2 Turn Shuffle, Cross Rock Shuffle 1/4 Turn
1-2 Rock Left Foot To Left Side, Replace Weight Onto Right, Whilst Making 1/2 Turn On Ball Of Right Foot.
3&4 Shuffle To The Left, Left, Right, Left.
5-6 Cross Right Over Left, Rock Onto Right, Replace Weight Onto Left.
7&8 Shuffle To The Right, Right, Left, Right, Making 1/4 Turn Right.
  Toe Point And Shuffle X 2.
9-10 Point Left Toe Forward, Point Left Toe To The Left Side.
11&12 Shuffle Forward, Left, Right, Left
13-14 Point Right Toe Forward, Point Right Toe To The Right Side.
15&16 Shuffle Forward, Right, Left, Right.
  Rock Forward, Shuffle Back 1/2 Turns, Rock Back.
17-18 Rock Forward On Left, Replace Weight Onto Right,
19&20 Shuffle Back, Making 1/2 Turn Over Left Shoulder, Left, Right, Left.
21&22 Shuffle Forward ,making 1/2 Turn Over Left Shoulder, Right, Left, Right.
23-24 Rock Back On Left, Replace Weight Onto Right.
  Sweep 1/2 Turn, Shuffle Back, Rock 1/2 Turn, Hips.
25-26 Sweep Left Leg Across Right, Making 1/2 Turn Over Right Shoulder, Place Weight Onto Left.
27&28 Shuffle Back, On Right, Right, Left, Right.
29-30 Rock Left To Left Side, Make 1/2 Turn Over Right Shoulder On Ball Of Right Foot.
31-32 Rock Hips, Left, Right.
  Repeat Dance
Dance Script

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