Summer Of Love

64 Count 2 Walls Advanced

Choreographed by: Yvonne Ditchfield (UK)

Choreographed to: Summer Of Love on Buzz by Steps

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Last updated: 24th July 2000
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Count Footwork
  Walk, Flick, Cross, Shoulder Shrugs, Together.
1-4 Walk Forward Right. Left. Right. Left.
5 Flick Right Leg Up To Side.
6 Cross Right Foot In Front Of Left & Rock Onto It.
7-8 Shrug Shoulders Left, Right, Left (up First), Join Right Foot Up To Left.
  Right Cross, Touch, Left Cross, Touch, Right Turning Chugs.
9-10 Step Right Across Left. Touch Left To Left Side.
11 - 12 Step Left Across Right. Touch Right To Right Side.
13 - 16 Standing On Left Foot, Bend Both Knees & Chug Right Foot Round To Make A Full Turn Right.
  Forward, Back, Cha Cha, Forward, Back Cha Cha.
17 - 18 Rock Forward Left. Rock Back Right.
19 & 20 Left Cha, Cha, Cha.
21 - 22 Rock Forward Right, Rock Back Left.
23 & 24 Right Cha, Cha, Cha.
  Step, Hitch, Step, Hitch, Walk In Full Circle Left.
25 - 26 Left Step Left. Hitch Right Knee.
27 - 28 Right Step Right. Hitch Left Knee.
29 - 32 Walk In A Full Circle Left With Left, Right, Left, Right.
  Step, Drag, Touch, Step, Touch, 1/4turn Left, Touch.
33 - 36 Left Step Left. Slow Drag Right Up To It. Touch Right Beside Left.
37 - 38 Right Step Right. Touch Left Beside Right.
39 - 40 Left Step Forward Making 1/4 Turn Left. Touch Right Beside Left.
  1/2turn Right, Step, Touch, 1/2turn Left, Step Touch.
41 Step Forward Right Making 1/4tum Right.
42 Bring Left Up To It Making Another 1/4tum Right.
43 - 44 Step Right In Place. Touch Left Beside Right.
45 Step Forward Left Making 1/4tum Left.
46 Bring Right Up To It Making Another 1/4turn Left.
47 -48 Step Left In Place. Touch Right Beside Left
  Jump Cross, Unwind Full Turn, Walk Back.
& 49 Jump Feet Apart Right & Left Crossing Left Over Right.
50 - 52 Unwind Full Turn To Right.
53 - 56 Walk Back Right. Left. Right. Left.
  Jump Cross, Unwind 1/4turn, Jazz Box.
& 57 Jump Feet Apart Right & Left Crossing Left Over Right.
58 - 60 Unwind 1/4turn To Right To Face Back Wall.
61 - 62 Cross Right Over Left. Left Step Back.
63 - 64 Right Step Right. Left Step In Place.
  Choreographers Note: The Steps Are Taken From The Actual Video For The Song (the Chorus) And 1 Have Adapted Them Slightly To Make A Line Dance.
  Start The Dance As Soon As The Beats Come In With - With "love" From "summer Of Love". The Dance Will Then End With The Left Rock Forward - Before The Cha, Cha, Cha (count 17).
  If You Start At The Right Count, The Second Time The Chorus Comes Up The Dance Will Start With It As It Is In The Video.
Dance Script

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