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Moragh Carter

Moragh Carter

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I have been line dancing since May 2001. I now dance at least four days a week (often more) as I love it so much. I also go to as many gigs where live country music is played as I am able to get to. I first tried my hand at choreography after hearing the song 'Tennessee Bird Walk' (a.k.a Tennessee Birdwalk) on Internet radio. This song was just asking to be danced to and as there was no dance to it that I could find I wrote one for it. Since February 2005 this dance has been working its way around the UK .... and the world. You can find more about that on In April 2007 I visited the USA and, amongst other people, I met the composers and singers of this song Jack Blanchard and his wife Misty Morgan in Florida. I had been in regular contact with them for over two years at that point. Then in July 2008 on another visit to the USA I again spent several days with them. We have become close friends ... all through making contact because of this catchy little song of theirs. While in the USA I went line dancing at The Barn in Sanford, Florida, in Boston, Massachusetts and also at the Wild Horse Saloon in Nashville, Tennessee and they were dancing quite a number of dances that I knew. I was made very welcome wherever I went. I hope to be dancing for many years to come and I hope you enjoy your dancing as much as I do.

DAP May 14