Choreography Comp Heat 2
Choreography Competition

Nottingham hosted the second heat of this years Choreography Competition on Sunday 25th October.

27 Choreographers took to the floor, showcasing their skills in the hope of winning a place at the final in Southport. Judges for the day where Robbie McGowan Hickie, Daniel Whitaker and Steve Healy who had the difficult job to select the 7 dances that would progress.

The atmosphere was fantastic as the competitors friends and family filled the hall and enjoyed some dancing themselves in between the Choreographers displays.

Kumari Tugnait

  • Says Who?
  • Kumari Tugnait

Sandra Speck

  • You Were Always On
  • Sandra Speck

Vivien Tinkler

  • Call On Me
  • Vivien Tinkler

Steve Price

  • Be Gentle With Me
  • Steve Price

Ann Young

  • Always In My Mind
  • Ann Young

David Hogg

  • Watch Me Move
  • David Hogg

Subia Slade

  • Smile
  • Subia Slade

Sarah Drysdale

  • Crazie Rockin'
  • Sarah Drysdale

Gemma Wear

  • Evacuate The Dance Floor
  • Gemma Wear

Lesley Rands

  • Hot In The City
  • Lesley Rands

Brian Woodford

  • When The Lights Go Out
  • Brian Woodford

Alsion Carrington

  • Tired Of Waiting
  • Alison Carrington

Joyce Plaskett

  • Hot Flush
  • Joyce Plaskett

Julie Johnson

  • Black Magic
  • Julie Johnson


  • Scratching Around
  • Diane Evans &
  • Stacie Head

Valerie Cortes

  • Becky Browns Daddy
  • Valerie Cortes

Sheridan Gill

  • Here We Go
  • Sheridan Gill

Pauline Markham

  • Sweet As
  • Pauline Markham

Diane Spark

  • Irish Flames
  • Diane Spark

Michael Lynn

  • Light Up
  • Michael Lynn

Hazel Morris

  • Honky Tonkers Don't Cry
  • Hazel Morris

Sharon Ball

  • Beautiful
  • Sharon Ball

Dave Powney

  • Carribean Queen
  • Dave Powney

Dawn Tait

  • Love You Anyway - Boyz
  • Dawn Tait

Hannah Harrison

  • Give It To Me Right
  • Hannah Harrison

Lyn Abbott

  • Live For The Day
  • Lyn Abbott


  • I Can Boogie!
  • Stephen Rutter &
  • Claire Butterworth

James Vaughan

  • Be Bulletproof
  • James Vaughan

Through To Final Are:

  • Gemma Wear
  • Alison Carrington
  • Diane Evans & Stacie Head
  • Michael Lynn
  • Hazel Morris
  • Hannah Harrison
  • Stephen Rutter & Claire Butterworth