Busy Busy Busy!




Busy Busy Busy!

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I've meaning to do my next blog for months now. Loads of great ideas bouncing round my little brain of topics I can write about but for some reason I haven't done any. The only reason I can think of why I haven't is 'I've been too busy!'

However, sitting here typing this it only takes 5 minutes to write a blog so why haven't I done one? It's becoming a bit of a cliche nowadays. Everyone is always to busy, but when you are asked what you have been upto if you're anything like me you struggle to come with much.

So in a "spare" 5 minutes it's time to tell you about these topics, but as I always seem to do, I've forgotten what they where. I have an ideas book to keep my ideas from the inevitable black hole that is the back of my brain. But I forget to write in it or just 'too busy' to!

So my blog today is about me boasting about my great ideas and busy life, of which unfortunatley not much gets remebered. But you have ideas you want to share me feel free. Be it topics for my next blog or new things for the website, share them with me because at least they will be written down.

DAP May 14