Break Out

Break Out!
There was something strange happening in Scotland over the weekend! Margaret and Lawrence from Mistley Movers said: "A dancer from their group, Red Leeson and her colleague took part in a recent charity jail break from Colchester Castle on Saturday 19th April.
"The aim of the event was to see how far they could travel in 24 hours, spending the night, and then travel back without spending any money. Along the route they had a job to do, they needed to collect as much money for charity as they could.

“Both girls are community police officers and are used to being on the right side of the jail door but on this occasion the only place that they could find shelter for the night was in a famous old prison in InInverary Scotland, which is reported as being haunted.

“Both the girls survived the night in the cells and returned home in plenty of time. The girls raised over 400 for Diabetes UK and received an award for the most unusual place to stay – well done to them.”