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You can search for a bone marrow registry in your country by using the  "Bone Marrow Donors Worldwide" website. Age requirements are different with each country.  Please email us to let us know that you have registered so we can keep track of our team's goal!

How do I become a donor? 

Each country is slightly different, but in the U.S., to become a bone marrow donor you must be between the ages of 18 and 60 and in good health. Registering is easy. In the U.S., once you register on-line, you will be mailed a kit with a simple mouth swab test which you return through the mail. Some countries use a basic blood test to register. Your data is then placed on the world wide donor registry. If you become matched with a patient, more testing would be done to confirm compatibility.

Does it hurt? 
Bone marrow transplants have come a long way and today's donors have a much easier job than in the past.  For example, Jo's brother, Eddie received 2 injections daily for 4 days to make his body create more stem cells.  Those stem cells were collected from his blood stream similar to a blood donation and given to Jo through a central line in her chest.  There is no "surgery" for neither donor nor patient.  So, technically Jo had a "stem cell transplant".  Eddie said the injections made his body achy and sore and he had a headache but these symptoms went away within a few days.  Sometimes, bone marrow is collected the traditional way in which the donor is sedated so they don't feel any pain and bone marrow fluid is extracted from the back of the hip bone using a syringe.  Donors will be sore for about a week following this procedure.  (See Donor Myths and Facts)

Does it cost anything to register?

Depending on the country, there is usually no required charge to register. Contribute what you can, if you can. Every donation, no matter how small, helps.  Becoming a bone marrow donor says you are willing to help save a life which is the most precious gift you can give!  Thank you!

If you don't wish to become a donor  but would like support a register Click Here

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