Back Behind The Wheel




Back Behind The Wheel

By Administrator


Due to a misdemeanour I was recently banned from driving for 9 months. Thankfully the time seems to have passed very quickly and I'm back behind the wheel, and it feels like I've got my freedom back.

So if we rewind 10 months, I was driving home the morning after a night out. Feeling absolutely fine (I'm one of the annoying people who doesn't suffer from hangovers!) I had no concerns about driving home. Half way home and the police where doing random stops on people, as they do around Christmas. Thinking I had nothing to worry about I did the breath test, but to my horror it was over. At that moment so much ran through my head, what am I going to tell my parents and work, how am I going to get to work, will I still have a job.

Well what followed was something you only normally watch on TV, I was arrested and charged, had my DNA took and then had a trip to court. When the magistrate read out my sentence I was in tears. It was what I'd expected, actually it was better then what I feared it might be, but it was still a shock to the system. A twelve-month ban, reduced to nine on completition of a course, and a fine.

Thankfully, everyone was very supportitive and I was determined to make a positive out of this negative. And I think I have. With the opportunity of a different role in the company I feel I've thrived and, also discovered I can be a passenger!

I've learnt a valuable lesson from my whole experience and so has everyone who knows me, and I hope my story will also make you realise and be a little bit more careful the morning after.


BCE May4