August 2008

  August 2008   

August 2008
This month's features include:

All I Intended To Be
Come Dance With Us
Viva Espana
Sean Hogan
The Charts
Malmo 2008 - Burn Valley Jubilee Weekend
The Rise Of Ivyrise
Album Reviews
Dance Reviews
Canadian Affair
JG2 Marathon
A Long Goodbye
Estonia's Happy Feet
Where Are They Now?
The Bravest Little Girl In The World
The Linedancer Music Club
Charity Lines
Sho's Dance Clinic
Dancing For Fun
Between The Lines
The Heart Of A Linedancer
A Day In The Life of Val Myers

Music Reviews
Mark Chesnutt - Rollin' With The Flow
Ali Eskandarian - Nothing To Say
Oh Laura - A Song Inside My Head A Demon In My Bed
Joan Osborne - Breakfast In Bed




This Month's Dances
Paul Turney
Peter Metelnick and Alison Biggs
Gary Lafferty
Ed Lawton
Max Perry
Neville Fitzgerald and Julie Harris
Mavis Broom
Robbie McGowan Hickie
Bill Bader
Rep Ghazali
Violet Ray
John 'Grrowler' Rowell
Jason Drake
David Spencer


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