An imminent arrival
An imminent arrival

Hayley Wheatley, of First In Line, Hartlepool has written to us because she wanted to let everyone know that she is expecting her third child!

She says, “ I have recently had to cancel some of my January and February Line dance workshops that had been booked in Scotland for 2012. I cancelled these stating health reasons as I felt, at the time, wary to make my big announcement. My own classes now know the news, of course (as I now cant hide it any longer) but for those lovely supportive people who have been confused by my ambiguity, I would love to let them know the news. I would also like to thank all my students in Hartlepool too for their support.”

She added, “I plan to teach until the baby is born and will be back teaching, choreographing and attending events from April. Any suggestions of names would be welcome!”