A Word Of Warning
palma cathedral_betty

I've had a little holiday.

I escaped to Majorca with my big brother, his wife, my little sister and her partner and Mike, my much better half. Here's what happened.

Mike and I jumped a bus into Palma on Easter Sunday, the shops and attractions were closed for the religious holiday but the place was buzzing because Juan Carlos I, King of Spain and his family were attending a service in Palma cathedral (a beautiful place) and it seems that half the population of Palma wanted to catch a glimpse of him.

We had a really cool day and eventually strolled back to the bus stop. There was so many people there it was clear we'd never all fit on the bus.  Waiting in the sunshine was quite pleasant - and in any case we were in no hurry.

Then Mike turned to me and said ‘He's a pick-pocket' nodding in the direct of a smartly dressed man with a heavy black coat draped around his shoulders.  I said ‘How do you know that?' ‘Just watch him' said Mike.

As the bus pulled up we stood back and watched. There was huge serge as everyone tried to get on the bus at once. The pick-pocket moved in. He assisted the surge with a bit of pushing and, at the same time, putting his hand into a lady's handbag. Mike yelled at him before he could get away with it. But the hard-faced pickpocket stood his ground. He pretended he couldn't understand what we were saying and spread his hands to show they were empty, gesturing that Mike was loopy! At least he didn't get away with anything.

Later in the week all six of us we where at the same bus stop and this time we saw a team of three pickpockets at work. The first was the dipper, the second was the quick pass and the third must have been the running.

Again, as soon as the bus pulled up they moved in. We watch and yelled just as the deed was being done and managed to stop it - again it was a lady's handbag.

Instead of feeling glad to have stopped them, I feel angry that it happens so frequently and is not being dealt with. You would think that undercover police officers could clean it up quiet quickly but it also worries me that that we might have been used as a diversion.

Mike certainly had no trouble identifying and stopping the obvious pickpockets. But these people are very crafty and there could well have been others working behind all the kafuffle - quietly dipping pockets and bags as everyone else was so distracted by the disturbance at the front of the bus.

So Line dancers - when you go on holiday take great care of your belongings. Hold onto your bags and don't carry all your money with you.

Yours in line