A Country Ball




A Country Ball

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Pink Lady In Brown

I was 21 again yesterday – where does time go? To celebrate I went to the first Country Ball of the season organised by Odile. The hall was packed with dancers from the many clubs in the region and beyond and all styles of ‘Western’ dress were on display even with one lady in a saloon girl outfit! The repertoire was mixed, catering for all levels and tastes in lines and partner dances. The male of the species was well represented too even if some were a little exuberant in their dance efforts.

It’s interesting to see how different clubs spread the dance message. Some insist that the dancers hold their hands in their belts or at their sides. I don’t understand how they can dance like that! Some clubs insist on the total ‘Western’ look in hats, belts and boots, others are into the modern ‘western’ style with sexy tops and flouncy skirts and those suede fringed things worn over jeans (to hide their bums!).

There’s also a controversy over whether a play list should be displayed so that people know what dances are coming up, or if they should develop their musicality by deciding which dance fits the music being played as we used to do years ago. The first solution means that the dancers line up first, as if in a class, and get counted in, the second way means people pile onto the floor once it’s been established which dance it should be. The important thing is that people enjoy themselves.


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