December 2009


December 2009
This month's features include:

Dear Dancers
American Pride
Miracle At Wasaga Beach
Alex Swings Oscar Sings
Portrait Of A Dancer
Just For Fun
Dance Reviews
Many Rivers
Linedancer Magazine Story Pt 2
14th CBA Voting Form
Patrick Swayze - The Ultimate Leading Man
Between The Lines
Ask Sho
Album Reviews
Charity Lines
If You've Got It - Mimi
South Africa Magic
Swan Feather
Fantastic Day
Voice Of Country

Music Reviews
Toby Keith - American Ride
Rhett Miller - Rhett Miller
Dave Rawlings Machine - A Friend Of A Friend
Leslie Mendelson - Swan Feathers




This Month's Dances

Maria Tao
Cha Cha One For Wheelchair Users
Sho Botham
Lois Lightfoot
Gary Lafferty
Kim Ray
Mike Hitchen
Craig Bennett
Michael Barr
Marie Sorensen
Alan Haywood
Kathy Chang and Sue Hsu
Tina Argyle
Alan Birchall
Robbie McGowan Hickie


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