Award Winner
 UK Instructor of the Year Maggie Gallagher
 UK Club Of The Year Boots N Blisters, Emma Wilkinson and Robbie McDonald
 UK Choreographer of the Year Maggie Gallagher
 Rising Star Kate Sala
 Line Dance Hall of Fame Rob Fowler
 Male Personality of the Year Rob Fowler
 Female Personality of the Year Maggie Gallagher
 International Instructor of the Year Peter Metelnick
 International Club Of The Year The Wild West Line Dance Club, Robin Sin, Singapore
 International Choreographer of the Year Peter Metelnick
 Dedicated Dance Group of the Year Magill
 Dedicated Dance Artist of the Year Chris Owen
 Best Dance Album of the Year Fever 15 Curb
 Dance of the Year - Advanced Somebody Like You by Alan Birchall
 Dance of the Year - Intermediate Chill Factor by Daniel Whittaker and Hayley Westhead
 Dance of the Year - Beginner La Chico by Masters In Line
 Dance of the Year Chill Factor by Daniel Whittaker and Hayley Westhead