Dedicated Dance Artist
Paul Bailey
 Line Dance DJ
               Gary Lafferty
 Male Dance Personality
Craig Bennett
 Female Dance Personality
Rachael McEnaney
 International Instructor
Niels Poulsen
 International Choreographer
Ria Vos
 UK Instructor
Rachael McEnaney
 UK Choreographer
Rachael McEnaney
 Absolute Beginner Dance
Mamma Maria by Frank Trace
 Beginner Dance
Tennessee Waltz Surprise
by Andy Chumbley 
 Improver Dance
Rhyme Or Reason
by Rachael McEnaney
 Intermediate Dance
Quarter After One
by Levi J Hubbard
 Advanced Dance
Drip Droppin
by Kate Sala
 Dance Of The Year

Playing With Fire by Craig Bennett

 Hall Of Fame
Robbie McGowan Hickie
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