Story Time

 For our Ruby Wedding Anniversary my husband and I decided to go on a cruise to New York on the QE2. Little realising that this trip would in many ways would change the course of my life. One morning I took a lesson on board the ship in Line Dancing - I was hooked!!! I came home determined to continue with this wonderful pastime and joined an evening class at the local school. This didn't satisfy me so after seeing a beginners course advertised I couldn't wait to join. Two hundred eager to learn dancers turned up on the first night and for the next seven years I attended many classes and dances and even a weekend to Eastbourne. For many years my husband and I had been members of private club and I was voted on to their committee. Knowing my love of dancing they invited me to start a Line Dance class. That was eight years ago and now I am seventy ......? and still teaching and dancing. Every Monday afternoon. about 25 ladies come to my class of various ages and abilities, I tell them all not to take life too seriously as this is a social afternoon to meet with friends and to be enjoyed by us all. I love Line Dancing and hope to continue for many years to come, my life has been enriched by all those I have met and the friendships I have made. Many thanks to The Linedancer Magazine for Steppin 'Off The Page.


From Anne Shanks

Never heard of line dancing before my first visit in Amsterdam. I was there on an european meeting for gay men and the Amsterdam Club offered a lot of cultural program. One program point were the Amsterdam Stetsons doing a line dance performance. It was fantastic to see all those good lookin' guys dancing. The first impression was WOW! A year later my friend and me were visiting Cambridge and on one evening our host said to us that he will go to the line dance training and if we like we could come with him. Sure we said Yes! We had our first lessions and learned 3 dances. We loved the nice atmosphere and the hospitality of the group! Back in Munich we started searching for a line dance group here. It was luck that I found that little piece of paper on a pinboard with an invitation to join the new gay group! We started with all the well known beginner dances and after a while we had our first performances too. I became a real line dance addict. Since our old trainer left the group I do the teaching and I became "President" of our club. The club changed a lot during the years and now we are a regular sports club and our members are 75% straight women and a few gay men. But who cares about it. Line dancing is the reason why we come together to share this wonderful hobby and to find some wonderful friends all over the world!


From Fedor K. Fluger

Kinghill General