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Welcome, Valkommen, Witaj, Yindee, Bienvenue, Irashaimasu, Velkomen, Welkom

To the Linedancer Visitor Book. Check out who else in the line dancing world has ‘signed' the visitor book and where they are from.

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13. Yvonne Robertson from Scotland (05/Line dance boots10/08) "Thanks Linedancer for all the scripts I use and videos of all the latest dances also for the list of venues so that I can enjoy my hobby even on holiday -I'm just about to set off on a holiday of a lifetime advertised in Linedancer - to Nashville. Yours in Linedancing Yvonne"


12.   Jacky & Margaret from England (03/10/08)"Keep Dancing!"

11. Sandra Ellis from Spain (02/10/08) "Hi Betty and Steve, my old Ellis'slinedance teachers. Will be coming over from Spain to see you all at 'Shy Boots and Stompers' during the last week of october. Look forward to seeing and joining in again. Sandra and George Ellis. Wonder if you will remember us???" 


10. Marjorie Barnabas-Shaw from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (01/10/08) "Congratulations to your latest formats, it is really cool and in tuned with an ultra modern online access to updates and news on Linedancing. It is awesomely informative. To the rest of the world "Selamat Menari Selaru" translated.."Happy Dancing Always"." 

9. Ranie Naidoo from South Africa (01/10/08) "Hi to all the Line dancers around the world. I am absolutely excited that I have clicked the same page as you am having such tremendous fun and am now trying to teach and introduce more Indian people to Lone dancing although I am still a beginner/intermediate learner myself. Love you all." 

8. Celia La Porte from Herlev, Denmark(29/9/08) "I love Line dancing, greetings to all Line dancers."

7. Elgee from Butterworth, Penang, Malaysia(29/9/08) "Hiya from someone on the other side of the world who just lurves to danz.... :)" 

6. Kim Ray from UK (28/9/08) "Hello mum ..... only joking she hasn't got a Kim Raypc. Hi to all the dancers I know, all the dancers I've met and all the dancers I've yet to meet - have fun on the dance floor and round the edges also!!!"





5. Grethe from Norway (28/9/08) "Hi everybody! What a great and fun hobby we have!"

4. Ginny Sheridan from USA (27/9/08) "Nicely done, Linedancer Magazine! You have included a lot of info, pix and music that are of interest to us line dancers. Bravo!"

3. Caroline Cooper from England (25/9/08) "Happy Dancing Europe And The Rest Of The World With Love From Caroline UK!"

2. Willie Brown from Scotland (25/9/08) "Hi everyone at Linedancer Magazine - Keep up the good work!!!"

1. Claire from England (24/9/08) "Hi everyone, remember to keep Line dancingClaire fun!"





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