Mr ED Goes On Holidays




Mr ED Goes On Holidays

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Mr Ed

Mr Ed goes on holidays (and comes back)

Ok. Here it goes. My first attempt at a blog (incidentally, what a horrible word….blog!). I must be turning into a grumpy old geezer these days because some of this new “speak” is way beyond me. Blog, podcast, vodcast, download, upload, iTunes….Phew!  And I am not even starting on “texting”! Sorry “txting”. 

Anyway, I have just come back from my holidays today and I have come to realise how much I HATE holidays. Or rather how much I hate coming back. Seven days away in the sun, lazy mornings, lazy lunch times, lazy evenings, THE life. But coming back to a mound of work, responsibilities and six months of Big Brother does not half underline the fact it is all plain wrong to have four weeks of holidays and 48 working. I mean, what kind of an equation is that?

Some unkind folks would probably point out that for quite a few  life is an eternal holiday as they could probably fit in four weeks what they do in 48 but that would just sound bitter. And so I am back with a vengeance in the land of obligations, responsibilities and the dreaded word…deadlines! 

And do you know, I never realised what a deadline truly was until I worked with Linedancer. Each day, each hour seems to spawn a deadline of its own. Deadline for copy, for corrections, for research, for cd productions, dance scripts, video postings you name it, we’ve got one. In fact I am surprised we haven’t got a deadline for deadlines.

So yes after few days away, the sheer absence of pressure of any kind only heightens the sense of urgency and reality's inescapability on our return. Depressed? You will be. 

Having said all that I know my feelings are not uncommon. We have all been there.

Yesterday the beach and sand in your toes, today the bus and rain in your pockets. But by tomorrow I also know I will feel the same as before. Getting up, looking forward to get features and interviews sorted and even more than that, really looking forward to my next holidays.